Dead pig left at Republican HQ in Manhattan Beach


Manhattan Beach Police had to discard the pig's head and its feet in a trash bin, but not before several passersby saw it.

"I thought it was a dead body because of the way he approached it," said Manhattan Beach resident Andy Gaeta. "And then when he lifted the shirt, he saw the head wrapped in barbed wire and it's cut in half, the whole skull was. It looked like something from a butcher's market."

The pig was laid out at the doorstep of the Republican headquarters on Highland Avenue.

Tom Scully saw the display about 6:30 a.m. while he was out walking his dog.

"When I got closer I was like, 'Oh, this is kind of gross. There was like barbed wire on its head. It's nasty," said Scully.

Manhattan Beach Police Animal Control later removed the trash bin containing the pig's remains, taking it as evidence. Police say they're investigating the incident as an "illegal dumping of an animal carcass."

According to a police sergeant, they have no evidence suggesting any other crime was committed at this point.

No notes were left behind. Nothing was addressed to anyone.

There will be a forensic examination of the remains.

To one Manhattan Beach resident, the disturbing display suggests political attacks during the election took their toll on the community.

"That is representative of something that kind of turns me off to this whole political system and this recent election and how divided it's kind of made us all," said Manhattan Beach resident Tucker Heaton.

No one was at the headquarters office all day Thursday.

If you have information about the incident, contact the Manhattan Beach Police Dept. at (310) 802-5123.

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