LA man inspires others to give to grieving Newtown community


Cal State Northridge police dispatcher Tom Cavanaugh said he's following a family tradition of sending prayers and food to those who are mourning.

He called up the Newtown General Store Monday and gave them his credit card to donate cups of coffee. The store manager was moved.

Cavanaugh said his grandfather was killed in a violent crime and he felt for the Newtown community, which is dealing with Friday's mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 children and 6 adults dead.

"I saw the owner of the Newtown General Store on an interview, and I said, OK I'm just going to call there, tell them why I'm doing it, see if they would take a credit card order," said Cavanaugh. "I think I shook them up a little. The lady was nervous. She said, 'I'm shaking taking this order.' And she started to tear up a little bit."

Cavanaugh paid for 100 cups of coffee. He said the store was handing them out all day. Cavanaugh posted what he was doing on Facebook and Twitter, along with the store's number, hoping others would join in, and they have.

To make a contribution to the Newtown Memorial Fund please visit:

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