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2 Northridge shooting suspects appear in court

December 19, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Two of the suspects in the killings of four people in Northridge appeared in court Wednesday on unrelated charges. The victims' loved ones were there to try to get their first look at the alleged triggerman.

Ex-convict Ka Pasasouk returned to court Wednesday. He's a repeat offender and the suspected shooter of four people, including Amanda Ghossein.

"He took her life and we love her and we miss her. And we are going to get justice," said Illina, Amanda's aunt.

What is unjust, they say, is that Pasasouk was out loose in the community at all. County officials agree.

It was in the same courtroom before the same judge when the district attorney had recommended that Pasasouk be freed in September. The judge concurred. Two months later Pasasouk was arrested on suspicion of quadruple homicide.

The L.A. County District Attorney's office admitted it was mistaken. Pasasouk had not been eligible for probation.

"What if they locked him in when they were supposed to? Amanda would be here," said Amanda's mother, Glynna.

Wednesday Pasasouk's probation was revoked pending a future hearing.

There are three alleged accomplices. One of them, Christina Neal, is now free. The district attorney will not say why, only that she is no longer in custody. Donna Rabulan remains in custody. Howard Alcantara, appeared Wednesday in the San Fernando courthouse but not on camera. The four-time felon faces new charges of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon in two separate incidents that preceded the Northridge shooting.

County officials meantime are reviewing the multiple murder case, where there were lapses, and what needs to change.

Investigators expect to file charges in January.