Tips for growing edible wall of herbs at home


Clifford Pleau is the executive chef for Seasons 52 restaurants. The chain's theme is based on the weekly changing of seasons in regards to produce. With everything on the menu under 475 calories, there are lots of fruit and vegetable variety.

They grow their own herbs at the restaurant, on what is known as a living wall at their newest Century City Mall store.

Pleau's setup is expansive due to necessity, but he's says it can be modified for homes in a smaller space.

"The little wall is slanted there, and you've got a little drain pipe on the back of the herb, so when it's watered it can leak out the back," said Pleau.

For a true vertical wall, you can also put mesh over young plants to fight gravity. If you're going to do this indoors, you need a special light.

"You're going to do better with a grow light, one that you can put on a timer. You go to bed, it comes on," said Pleau.

During the day, there's natural sunlight. Grow lights cost anywhere from $22 to $170, depending on size and wattage. They're found at places like Home Depot, Lowe's and Lamps Plus.

Pleau has 75 plants on one wall, but for your home, start small with a handful of herbs in small containers.

"The best way to do that is going to be to have these little, kind of slanted pockets where you can actually get six-inch pots of herbs, pop them in there," said Pleau.

Similar to what you see at the grocery store, you can set up an easy watering system or do it by hand.

Where to find grow lights:
Home Depot
Lamps Plus

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