Pasadena home red-tagged after car crash


The car was reportedly trying to make a turn when it hit the curb and smashed right into the front of the house, located on East Washington Boulevard and North Summit Avenue.

Authorities say the vehicle struck a tree and damaged the living room. Fortunately, no one in the home was hurt.

A young girl was asleep in the living room. She jumped up and ran to find her aunt, who was watching TV.

Neighbor Lillian Pickens said the truck narrowly missed a bedroom in the home. Pickens said the crash sounded like an explosion that shook the ground.

"I heard a lot of skidding, then I heard a big boom, but I thought it was an earthquake," said Pickens.

The house has been red-tagged. There was also damage to the front door of the home. The 20-year-old driver was taken to an area hospital with injuries. The cause of the crash remains under investigation, but police believe alcohol and speed may have been factors in the collision.

Area residents say this is the second time a car has crashed into that particular house in the past year. They blame motorists driving too fast on Washington Boulevard.

Neighbors say it's about time something is done before someone gets seriously hurt.

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