Giant Chevron coker drums reach El Segundo refinery


The drums, known as cokers, arrived at their new home around 2:30 a.m. Thursday. The cokers had to be transported by special 26-axle dollies. Street and stop lights were moved and roads had to be closed.

"Pretty exciting stuff, especially for this little town. It's really pretty amazing how they raised all the power lines just for this movement," said Gary Lane, one of many people who lined up along the street to watch.

The 500,000-pound steel drums are used in the refining process to turn crude oil into gasoline. Two other pairs of cokers are scheduled to make the same move in March. Once all six are at the refinery, the old cokers will be replaced.

According to Chevron, the drums will be installed early next year during regularly scheduled maintenance. It will not, according to the oil company, interrupt the supply of fuel to consumers.

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