Poor sleep may be linked to heart failure


The study, published in the "European Heart Journal," followed more than 50,000 people aged between 20 and 89 for 11 years.

The participants had no history of heart failure at the beginning of the study but were asked if they experienced any difficulties falling asleep or whether they usually woke up in the middle of the night. The participants were also asked whether they felt fully restored and energized after a night's slumber.

Research showed those participants who woke up too early or had problems settling back to sleep were more likely to develop heart failure in the long run. Those who didn't feel refreshed after a full night's sleep were also said to be at risk of developing negative health consequences.

Experts say further research is needed to see if a lack of sleep causes heart failure or if the link is more complex. The exact correlation between poor sleeping patterns and heart failure remains unclear.

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