'Admission' movie review: Is this one to accept or deny?


While the film has its share of silly moments, it's actually a smart comedy. It's not always out just to get a laugh. It has its more timid moments as well.

Fey and Rudd are a good comic combo here. Nat Wolff is a real find as the teenager in their life, and Lily Tomlin is a hoot as Fey's free-spirited feminist mom.

Paul Weitz, who directed "About a Boy" and "American Pie," is behind this one. He gives us comedy with emotion.

"Admission" feels a little on the long side, but at least the extra time is with characters you like. The film has more smiles than laughs, and I think it works just fine like that. I found it to be enjoyable entertainment.

"Admission," rated PG-13, also features Michael Sheen, Wallace Shawn and Gloria Reuben.

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