Galperin, Zine, spar for LA city controller


Zine is the longtime Los Angeles city councilman and former LAPD sergeant who transitioned into a life of politics.

"That's what people want, honest, effective government, and that's what Dennis Zine is all about," he said.

Galperin is the successful private attorney and businessman who considers himself something of an outsider.

"I'm the only one now of six people who are running for citywide office who's not a politician," Galperin said.

The controller for the city of Los Angeles can scrutinize budgets and identify wasteful spending, while not actually being able to enforce policy. Still, both candidates say they can make a big impact on how the city does business.

"What the controller is responsible for is to make sure every single department is at peak performance delivering the services," Zine said, "and not going for more takes, not going for more fees."

"The controller is about being watchdog that our money is being spent well."

Zine, 65, has represented the southwest San Fernando Valley for the past 12 years.

"The two candidates that are running for mayor are both friends, we've worked together," Zine said. "We can put together a team that would be very effective in keeping the people of this city informed, stretching those dollars and delivering those services."

The 49-year-old Galperin has served on two volunteer commissions, including one that identified millions of dollars in savings for the city. In recent polls, Galperin trails Zine by about 12 points.

"What we do know is that there are a lot of people who aren't fully decided yet," Galperin said. "I'm hoping that everybody who isn't decided yet goes and checks out the newspaper endorsements."

Galperine says Zine already had his chance to make an impact on Los Angeles' bottom line. But Zine says his record speaks for itself.

"My opponent has theory, I established reality," Zine said. "The reality is you check the records of accomplishments of success, and that knowledge that you gain, you put to work."

Voters in the city of Los Angeles will make their choice Tuesday.

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