Katherine Jackson knew about son's drug issues, doctor says -exclusive


Jurors heard the most explicit details yet of Jackson's treatment for addiction. It was 2002, seven years before Jackson's death from the anesthetic propofol. Jackson's youngest son had just been born. Dr. Alimorad Farschian said Jackson wanted off of the painkiller demerol.

"Blanket was just born and that was why he wanted to, what he phrased, 'a monkey on his back,' he wanted to just not deal with it anymore," Farschian said in a video deposition.

In the video, Farschian states Jackson's family was pressuring the artist. The doctor's statement conflicts with the testimony of Katherine Jackson, who said under oath that she had no personal knowledge that her son struggled with dependency. The doctor said he talked to her directly about the singer's detox treatment.

"I think she wanted to know all about it, what was going on," said Farschian.

Farschian described implanting Michael Jackson with a type of demoral antidote. Naltrexone, also known as narcane, is a tiny tube inserted under the skin to block the euphoric effect of opiates. The doctor said he implanted Jackson five times over nine months and that he personally witnessed Mrs. Jackson examining her son's incision.

"I remember that was in Neverland. Michael did show the implant to his mother. Just his mother was there. She was very happy," said Farschian.

Katherine Jackson is suing AEG Live, alleging that the tour promoters hired and failed to supervise Conrad Murray, the physician linked to the singer's propofol overdose. Her attorneys assert that Jackson's health was deteriorating from anxiety and sleep deprivation in the two months before his death.

Jurors heard from Farschian that Jackson suffered from insomnia years earlier. The doctor's theory is that it was linked to cosmetic surgery: a key part of Jacksons nose was missing.

"It is possible that you produce what they call empty nose syndrome and producing insomnia," said Farschian.

About the plaintiffs claim that Jackson was emaciated, the autopsy recorded he was 136 pounds when he died. Farschian testified that Jackson weighed 128 when he treated him.

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