'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' will satisfy book fans - Logan Lerman


"Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" is based on Rick Riordan's bestselling book series. It brings together some familiar characters from the first film and introduces us to several new faces. Actor Logan Lerman was thrilled to jump back into Percy's shoes.

"In this journey, I mean, we start off and Percy's not the hero anymore. He's kind of down about himself. He's average in his mind. He's a one hit wonder and he's just kind of accepting his life, which is not being the hero anymore, and then he's thrust into this adventure with him and his friends," said Lerman.

Brandon T. Jackson returns for the sequel as Percy's pal, Grover. And the young actor has enjoyed many fun fan encounters since he joined this mythical world.

"I was in the airport the other day and I saw somebody reading 'Sea of Monsters.' I don't think they recognized me. I said, 'Hey what book are you reading?' He said, 'Oh, 'Sea of Monsters.' I love it.' I said, 'I heard the movie is going to be released.' He said, 'Oh my god, you're Grover!'" Jackson recalled.

The first film took some knocks for not staying completely true to the source material. Lerman thinks they'll feel different about "Sea of Monsters."

"I think this film is going to really satisfy the fans, because...it's bigger and crazier, and everybody loves that about a sequel. But it's more accurate depiction of the tone of the book," said Lerman.

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