Bicyclist makes comeback after near-fatal hit-and-run


From afar, Damian Kevitt looks like any other cyclist, but the mere fact that he's riding a bike is simply astounding. Kevitt is the victim of a horrific collision that happened in February.

"I'm relearning how to live a normal life. It's not done. I'm still learning, but I'm alive," said Kevitt.

Kevitt was riding his bike heading to the Los Angeles Zoo when he was hit by a driver who didn't stop. He was dragged under the car and onto the 5 Freeway for 600 feet. A doctor driving by witnessed the collision.

"I would actually say these are the worst injuries I've ever seen in my professional career. I've been working in a county hospital for 12 years," Elijah Wasson said in February.

Kevitt's leg was amputated. He spent four months in the hospital. Ten surgeries later, his body is now covered in skin grafts and scars.

"It's been an adventure that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies," said Kevitt.

But Kevitt says the support of thousands of strangers gave him the strength to learn to walk again.

"I actually really learned that a majority of people out there are actually good. It's one person in literally a thousand," said Kevitt.

That one person, the driver who hit him, is still on the loose. Authorities are offering more than $25,000 for information leading to his arrest. Police believe he's a male, who was driving a Toyota Sienna minivan with a "for sale" sign.

"If the person who hit me hadn't run, I might have had a broken bone; I might have just had some scrapes and cuts and bruises. I would still have a leg," said Kevitt.

Anyone with information related to the case was asked to call the CHP at (800) 835-5247.

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