Man dies after falling from party bus on 101 Freeway


The incident occurred as the bus was traveling southbound near Lankershim Boulevard around 12:20 a.m.

The man has been identified by his family as C.J. Saraceno. His dad says Saraceno grew up in Connecticut, moved out to Los Angeles two years ago and wanted to become a promoter or manager in Hollywood.

According to his dad, Saraceno was on the bus celebrating a friend's birthday when he was thrown from the bus. Saraceno's father says he was told by people on the bus that his son was changing the music near the front when the bus turned, causing him to fly through the door.

The California Highway Patrol says he was hit by several other vehicles and died at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing.

Jess A. Richman, chief executive officer of NCLUSIVE, which was Saraceno's employer, released the following statement Sunday:

"C.J. Saraceno was one of the most inspirational, positive and above all intelligent people that has ever entered our lives at NCLUSIVE. He was one of the inaugural members of our creative team and became a talent we couldn't function without. Everyday C.J. positively influenced our lives and his....usually through his gift of words. His talent was unmatched and his future extremely bright. We could not have asked for a more enthusiastic and passionate person as a colleague. Our company is a family made up by every individual member and C.J. was a one of a kind from the day he walked through our doors. He is loved more than we can express. C.J. and his words will never be forgotten."

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