Sandra Bullock talks challenges of filming 'Gravity'


The thrill of being in outer space is quickly tempered for Bullock's character when the ultimate disaster strikes. I told Bullock it's probably the best 3D I've ever seen in a film.

"Because it was used specifically for the emotion. It wasn't used to say, 'Oh, look at what 3D can do.' It was used to establish a sense of space, and then it was used to establish terror and to show the diversity and the angst of what's coming at you," said Bullock.

Bullock had a lot thrown at her during this grueling film shoot. But she went to great lengths to make sure she could physically handle the part.

She said she worked out for about six months before shooting and then every day while the film was being shot.

"Lunch was in the workout box," she said. "It had to be done so I wouldn't hurt myself and I could execute what Alfonso needed on the gymnastics level."

George Clooney co-stars in "Gravity," but truth be told, Bullock spent much of the movie acting opposite no one.

"It was a struggle. And when George was there, it was like sun and life had entered the room. When he left, there was like two days I was depressed. I've never had that visceral of a reaction when someone has left and I went, 'I'm miserable. I'm miserable without that help.' But that misery and that loneliness worked. Instead of fighting it, which I did for a while, you just used it," said Bullock.

"Gravity" is rated PG-13 and is in theaters this weekend.

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