Cool Kid survives bullying, leads fight against


Bullying is a serious and growing problem in schools everywhere. For Jade Archer, being bullied almost had a fatal consequence.

"Getting called fat and getting called ugly every single day and getting told 'Go kill yourself' -- yeah, it hurts after a while. So in 7th grade I tried," said Jade.

But Jade's a survivor and has turned around her life. She formed an organization called Jade Against Bullying. She raises awareness wherever she goes and hopes one day to see an end to the abuse.

"What gives somebody the right to judge somebody else? And I don't want that to happen to anymore. I don't want kids to hurt each other," said Jade. "I don't want people to cut themselves. I don't want people to hurt themselves or be on the verge of suicide."

So much of the bullying is on campus. That's one place Jade would like to see more action taken.

"I want every single school to have a program against bullying where teachers know what they're doing, know what they want," said Jade.

Jade used to let other people's words describe her. Now she defines herself.

"I'm not broken. I'm not a victim of bullying anymore. I'm a survivor of bullying. I'm no longer that broken person that I used to be," said Jade.

Cool Kid Jade Archer has emerged from a desperate time in her life to a place where she now helps others cope with the devastating effects of bullying. And she's making a difference.

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