Lesbian teacher claims discrimination, harassment in lawsuit


"What happens if you're a lesbian, and you stand up for something? You lose your job," said Julia Frost.

Frost, who had worked at Sultana High School in Hesperia for two years, claims she was fired by the district because she's a lesbian. She's now filed a lawsuit, claiming among other things, discrimination and harassment.

"For example, I had a teacher ask me which one was the man and which one was the woman in my relationship," said Frost. "I have had instances where an assistant principal came into my classroom to investigate whether or not I was teaching 'gay things.' I to this day don't know what that means."

But Frost claims the last straw was after she helped a bisexual student file a complaint against another teacher who had allegedly made a homophobic comment.

The ACLU got involved after that, holding a news conference on the issue.

Frost says that was around the same time that she was told by the principal she was being let go.

"I was called into the principal's office for a meeting and he simply stated that 'Your contract isn't being renewed, you're not a good fit,' and that was it," said Frost. "I was stunned."

Hesperia Unified School District Superintendent David McLaughlin released a statement: "While the District may not discuss personnel matters, Ms. Frost's allegations that the District dismissed her because she 'blew the whistle' ... is absolutely false. The simple matter of fact is that a probationary teacher was legitimately and appropriately dismissed, a fact that will become evident as this matter is litigated, and she is now trying to cloud the matter, and turn it into legal action for personal gain."

Frost is suing for unspecified damages, but she also says she wants her job back.

"I would love to go back to the high desert and continue teaching and continue to be a role model for every kid," said Frost.

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