Holiday shopping tips, ideas to save money


Andrea Worock, a consumer products and savings expert, has some suggestions.

"The Barbie dream house is a huge popular gift for the holidays. It's obviously one of those items that you're not going to necessarily always find huge sales for, so I would recommend tracking prices with these types of toys, using a site like Huskkster, which will alert you when it goes on sale or a coupon becomes available," said Worock.

Worock and I recently met at a Target store, where she showed me several other ways to maximize your savings, like bundling.

"Video games are a really popular holiday gift. The Xbox is definitely a very big requested one. The game, 'Grand Theft Auto V' is on everybody's list, whoever likes playing videogames. However, when you're shopping for these videogaming consoles and videogames, look for bundle packages. That's when you're going to get the best value," said Worock.

And if you're looking for other games, Worock says consider swapping for free.

"You can try sites like and trade DVDs and videogames for no cost. It's a great way to reduce your holiday spending," said Worock.

Many retailers this year are offering gift cards along with your purchase. At Target, for example, buy one of the new iPhones, and you'll get a gift card thrown in. In fact, the iPhone 5C delivers a $50 card.

And if gift cards are on your list, Worock says you can save on gift cards if you go on sites like, where they sell other people's unwanted gift cards at a discount.

Another tip is to buy last year's model.

"The Keurig is a very popular gift. A lot of people like that single brew system. And every year, they keep coming out with a new edition. But if you shop last years, or even the model before that, you can definitely save," said Worock.

Price matching is another favorite tool to save even more, so check with the store's customer service and don't be afraid to negotiate.

"And especially on those high ticket items, the more expensive goods, a lot of retailers have more wiggle room in the price, so don't be afraid to ask. Even ask the sales associate if the coupon is available. You never know what you'll get," said Worock.

Finally, if you're an online shopper, keep in mind Dec. 18 is National Free Shipping Day.

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