South LA police pursuit ends with head-on crash at school campus

CARSON, Calif.

Police began pursuing the driver of a stolen Dodge Charger at 2:55 p.m. near Florence and Flower in South Los Angeles.

The driver of the Charger reached dangerously high speeds on surface streets and the 91 Freeway, driving erratically through South L.A., Compton, El Segundo and Carson.

The car sustained damage sideswiping another vehicle, and narrowly missed pedestrians in at least two instances. The car drove into oncoming traffic lanes, on sidewalks, over curbs and a grass embankment.

The Charger drove over a spike strip, puncturing at least one tire.

The driver turned into a lane at Glenn Hammond Curtiss Middle School in Carson and smashed head-on into a Volkswagen sedan in which a 17-year-old female was sitting. The suspect bailed out of the car and sprinted toward a fence as LAPD officers arrived. The suspect tried to climb the fence, but quickly put his hands up in the air and dropped flat to the ground as five officers ran up and detained him.

The suspect was not immediately identified. The extent of injuries or damage was not reported.

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