Homeless man breaches City Hall security, reaches councilman's office


Security at City Hall has been called into question after the man got into the office and allegedly creating a disturbance.

Robert Carp, a 26-year-old homeless man allegedly under the influence of drugs, somehow walked into City Hall on Friday.

The LAPD said Carp avoided metal detectors and police checkpoints by entering through an unguarded employee entrance. Investigators think an employee may have left the door ajar. Carp was barefoot, and at some point he took his shirt off inside the building.

Carp made his way to the fourth floor and into councilman Mike Bonin's office. He allegedly jumped over the reception counter, went into the kitchen and a work room and told employees to get out.

The employees, in fear for their safety, went to a nearby office and hit a panic button to summon police.

Carp meanwhile allegedly used a marker to write the words "The cartel is after me" on a wall in Bonin's office, police said.

Carp was arrested and charged with trespassing, vandalism and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Investigators found evidence that he accessed a computer and obtained the phone number of L.A. County Superior Court Judge Craig Mitchell.

No one was injured in Friday's incident.

Carp has a record of violent offenses in other states, according to the L.A. City Attorney, including felony resisting arrest.

Carp appeared in court Tuesday and remained in custody on $30,000 bond. He was ordered to stay away from Judge Mitchell, Councilman Bonin, and City Hall.

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