Confederate flag in Claremont school photo prompts controversy


The flag incident happened during senior picture-taking. It upset some students who considered it racist and took to social media complaining the school was not handling the situation. Others don't know what all the fuss is about.

Graduation at Claremont High School is just around the corner. And like many other schools-the time is ripe for senior pranks. But some students say it's tough to tell whether showing a Confederate flag was just a prank, or something more sinister.

The Claremont Unified School District did not reveal how the students were disciplined. The students in question had not been expelled.

The picture had been posted on Twitter. The posting apparently happened two Wednesdays ago when the students unfurled a Confederate flag during a massive picture of the entire 600-person senior class on the football field.

But while some students thought "no big deal," others think it's a very big deal.

The district superintendent told Eyewitness News the kids were all disciplined, but wouldn't specify how.

"We want students to be thoughtful and considerate of all students on campus, and that's what we're hoping the teachable moment will be," said Claremont Unified Superintendent Dr. Jim Elsasser.

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