3 gang members convicted of murder of 2 Redlands teens


Tuesday, the mothers of two teenagers gunned down by a Redlands gang member say they finally have closure.

"Ultimately I was not worried at all because I knew it was God's law and he was going to take care of it, so we were very, very much grateful," said Shanita Williams, mother of one victim.

"It's just justice, some closure, he can rest now, he can really rest," said Georgette Robinson, another victim's mother.

On January 5, 2011, 16-year-old Andrew Jackson and 17-year-old Quinn McCaleb were standing outside the Cinnamon Creek Apartments in Redlands with a bunch of other kids.

That's when Anthony Legaspi walked up, shouted out the name of a street gang and started shooting. Prosecutors say he got the gun from fellow gang member Jose Lara. A third gang member, John Salazar, was the driver of the getaway car. During the incident, two other teens were seriously wounded and a fifth escaped unhurt, according to the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office.

Prosecutors say it was a case of mistaken identity, that Legaspi thought he was retaliating against a rival gang. Prosecutors say the murder victims were not involved in gang activity.

"My boys played with these boys. The other boys actually played with some of these same kids, and to have them grow up and divide and do something this heinous is really heartbreaking," said Williams.

"It's just sad, not just for us that have lost, but for the people who were found guilty, for their families, for the loss of them and their lives," said Robinson.

Sentencing will happen in June. Lara and Salazar could get 176 years to life. Legaspi could get 220 years to life.

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