Ontario man killed in officer-involved shooting


Ivan Herrera says he called 911 for help around 11:40 p.m. after his 59-year-old father, Jose Raul Herrera, passed out following a night of drinking. But before help arrived, his father woke up and asked that the ambulance not come.

"I tell them, 'listen my father is a little belligerent right now, don't hurt him, you know what I mean, he's out of it,'" Ivan said.

His father allegedly left the house on the 900 block of North Placer Street and moved into the street. He then allegedly told officers on scene that he didn't want to be arrested and that he wasn't armed.

Responding officers say he was armed, uncooperative and that his actions posed a threat to officers. That's when an officer opened fire, killing the suspect.

"I tried to catch up to them, and as I'm running towards my father, the police around him taze him and shoot him, and gun him down," Ivan said.

His family says Ontario police did not need to use deadly force.

"I believe that they overreacted, I believe that it was excessive force used on my father. There was no reason to use a gun at all," said Ivan.

Ontario police say they've had previous contact with Herrera regarding a prior weapons violation.

No officers were hurt in the shooting.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding the incident was urged to contact the Ontario Police Department at (909) 986-6711.

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