35-year-old Armenian bakery gives back amid pandemic

One local business in Little Armenia is feeling the weight of the pandemic and recent conflict overseas.
LITTLE ARMENIA (KABC) -- 76-year-old David Yeretsian is the owner of the Armenian-Middle Eastern shop Sasoun Bakery. The bakery opened in Little Armenia, East Hollywood in 1985.

"We are known for our Lahmadjune which is the Armenian pizza or flatbread with ground beef and mixed with some vegetables," said Yeretsian's daughter Lara Yeretsian.

The bakery now has five locations throughout LA, but it all started on Santa Monica Blvd 35 years ago.

"My dad is originally from Sasoun, which is the what we call Western Armenia, which is currently occupied by the Turks. He was born there and then moved to Syria. The rest of us were born in Lebanon, and we immigrated to United States, specifically Los Angeles, in 1985," said Lara Yeretsian.

When the pandemic hit in March, the business felt its impact.

"With time, we learned. Everybody had to adapt. And this is one of the necessities. It's an essential business, so it had to keep going," said Lara Yeretsian.

But now they're fighting for something the family said is bigger than their local community.

The Yeretsians participated in the recent rally in solidarity with the soldiers and the people in Armenia which was organized by the Armenian National Committee of America, Hollywood chapter.

And Lara Yeretsian said several businesses, including the bakery, are donating a portion of the sales to fund medical supplies, food and basic necessities for those in Armenia.

"It's time for the world to stand up in unity, the international community and say, enough is enough," said Lara Yeretsian.

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