83-year-old Asian man says drug dealer came to his aid after San Francisco attack

"The street people helped me. They were so kind, I couldn't believe it. A drug dealer gave me a cane and he said 'you should have it,'" said the 83-year-old victim.

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Friday, March 19, 2021
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As police make an arrest in the attacks on two Asian seniors along Market Street and 7th in San Francisco, an 83-year old victim of a similar crime is speaking out about his horrifying ordeal.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Gordon Pang was suddenly knocked to the ground on Valentine's Day in San Francisco. The 83-year-old victim is now speaking out about his horrifying ordeal, saying that strangers helped him after he was attacked.

"I knew I was in trouble because (the perpetrator) stared at me with a look. He came across (the street) very quickly and pushed me and I fell backward," said Pang, as he steadily balanced himself with the use of a cane.

Debilitated and on the ground, Pang broke his hip in multiple places and was in extreme pain.

"The street people helped me. They were so kind, I couldn't believe it. A drug dealer gave me a cane and he said 'you should have it,'" said Pang.

He spent nearly a month in the hospital and then rehab.

"Horrible experience and I don't wish this to happen to anybody," said Pang.

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Sadly, similar incidents have happened in recent weeks across the Bay Area. Last week, an 83-year-old Vietnamese man's son named Kiet sent Dion Lim, an anchor at ABC7 News in San Francisco, photos of his father after he was brutally knocked to the ground Wednesday morning. A 77-year old woman also was attacked in a similar fashion around the same time. Unlike Pang, Kiet's father fell forward and his neck is now broken in several places. SFPD arrested Steven Jenkins for assault and elder abuse in both cases.

The man arrested in Pang's case, Haskell Allen, was quickly apprehended as well, but according to documents, he has a long felony record. Including at least four cases of burglary and assault with a deadly weapon.

ABC7 News shared this news with Pang.

"Oh my God. I just wish they'd keep him in jail for a period of time," said Pang.

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While he doesn't know the solution to ending this epidemic of assaults on Asian American seniors, Pang shares these words with everybody who now knows his story.

"I just want to say be careful of your surroundings. It could happen to you," said Pang.

A GoFundMe for the 83-year old man, Ngoc Pham who was assaulted at Market and 7th has been set up by the nonprofit Community Youth Center of San Francisco. Go here if you would like to help and make a donation.

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