'Coupe' no longer just a two-door model in today's new-car market

For many years, a coupe was a car with two doors.

BMW really made its mark in the 1970s with the sleek CS model, the very definition of a coupe.

But today, the coupe is different.

The BMW "coupe" called the 2-Series Gran Coupe has four doors. They use the European pronunciation "cou-pay," but it's the same word.

BMW also makes the popular X6 SUV, which they call a "sports activity coupe."

It's not just BMW, but other European manufacturers too.

Audi calls its latest electric car, the e-tron Sportback, "coupe-like" in design. Mercedes-Benz has been selling its CLS model for a number of years, and they too call it a coupe.

And in Mercedes' SUV lineup, there's the GLC Coupe - its official name - and a GLE Coupe too.

In the year 2021 and beyond, you'll continue to see cars in showrooms calling themselves coupes, even if they have more than two doors.

Of course, you are welcome to call the one you buy anything you like.
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