Avocado prices soar due to shortage in Mexico

Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Avocado prices rise drastically due to Mexican shortage
An extreme shortage from Mexico is causing avocado prices to soar in the U.S.

PASADENA,Calif. (KABC) -- Due to an extreme shortage from Mexico, prices for avocados continue to rise drastically.

"It impacted quite a bit. Normally we would have 500, 600 cases in stock," said Sam Ingardia, owner of, Ingardia Brothers Produce Inc.

The Orange County-based company said it now has less than half that amount.

Umina Brother, a Los Angeles-based produce distributor, said that its prices have doubled since 2015.

According to the Hass Avocado Board, the amount of avocados shipped from Mexico to the U.S. in the first week of October dropped from 44 million to 22.9 million pounds year-to-year.

The decrease in supply has increased the price of avocados for both consumers and restaurants.

"It's reached an all-time high for us, but what can we do? We still have to serve our fabulous, famous guacamole," Tom Recendez, manager of Mijares said.

Mijares, the oldest Mexican restaurant in Pasadena, has decided to not raise prices despite paying double for its avocados.

"It's not the actual customer or guest's fault that the prices are what they are," Recendez added.

Some blame disputes between growers and packers in Mexico for the shortage, while others believe Mexico felt cheated for last year's crop.

"Now that their season is starting, they feel they should be able to get more money for their avocados so they're controlling growers," Ingardia explained. "The packers are saying to the smaller growers, 'Don't pick.'"

Despite the dispute, Ingardia believed avocado prices would likely drop in the coming weeks.