12-year-old Okla. boy hailed as hero for saving baby in hot car

TULSA, Oklahoma (KABC) -- A 12-year old Tulsa, Oklahoma boy is being hailed as a life-saving hero.

That was after he and his mother found a crying toddler strapped into the backseat of a car at a shopping center, in scorching heat.

Ben Theriot found a ratchet strap inside his mom's car and tried to bust open the window.

With the strap and then a piece of a clothing rack someone brought from a nearby store, he was able to pry the windshield open and unlock the car to get the child out.

"I'm very proud of him. I'm glad that he knew what to do," his mother said.

Police say the heat index inside the car was 116 degrees. The child's mother was issued a $250 ticket, but was not arrested. She said it was all an accident.

Fortunately, the toddler was checked out by paramedics and appeared to be OK.

Last Friday, two babies were killed after they were left in cars in the blazing heat including a 22-month old girl in New Jersey and a 21-month-old boy in Mississippi.

So far this year, 35 children have died after being left in a hot car.
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