Bay Area residents plan surprise baby shower for postal worker, decorating her route in an effort that has gone viral

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- In the Bay Area, one San Jose community recently planned a surprise baby shower for their beloved postal worker.

Following social distancing recommendations, they decorated the woman's route in an effort that has now gone viral. A post regarding the surprise was shared several thousand times from the public Facebook page for "The Good News Movement."

Many are familiar with the motto, "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night," can stop the United States Postal Service. One employee serving San Jose can also add "pandemic" and "pregnancy" to that list.

To thank the woman, residents on Thursday organized a sweet surprise that was suitable amid the pandemic.

"All the neighbors kind of put out either balloons, or streamers, or signs," Lauren Garcia told KGO-TV. Some even shared small gifts in a distant exchange.

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To respect the privacy of the USPS worker, ABC7 is not sharing her identity. Although posts about this community effort have gone viral.

"We didn't do this with the intention of sending a message," resident Volkmar Frinken said. "We just wanted to make her day a bit brighter."

Frinken shared his understanding that was is happening today has got to make it tough for workers on the front line.

"It's an exhausting job, walking around here, carrying the mail, and it's not easy for her," he said.

Garcia added, "She took that extra effort and made it out to everybody's house every single day, when all of us were even scared to kind of come out of our houses."

The neighborhood postal worker has become such a familiar face, and the growing friendships have become a welcome site.

"Especially in these days, where we can't really like see each other in person," resident Somaye Rasouli said. "I think that having the atmosphere and the vibe in the neighborhood -- that was also very joyful for us."

On Friday, pink bows and paper peonies remained along the worker's route. Bright spots and reminders of the "good news" during the ongoing pandemic.

"What we did, we felt was so small. It obviously brought so much joy, and not even just to her, it feels like it's bringing joy to others all around just by hearing the story," Garcia added.
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