Be an expert mixologist at home with a little help from this machine

ByKarl Schmid Localish logo
Thursday, August 13, 2020
Crafted cocktails made easy, safely at home
Does this at-home cocktail making machine work? Watch to find out!

LOS ANGELES -- As the COVID-19 crisis disrupts bars and restaurants across the country, drink aficionados are turning to DIY alternatives to help keep their spirits high safely at home.

With mandated physical distancing rules still in place, The Bartesian home cocktail machine has been in high demand and shattering record sales. Making the gadget the new "must-have" to help ease all those quarantine cravings instantly.

"You just loaded and pop it in. Just like a coffeemaker, you're used to at home," said Ryan Close, founder, and CEO of Bartesian. "It will actually give an option to select a strength - a light, a regular or a strong."

Close is an entrepreneur from Canada who moved to Chicago where his startup turned the popular household appliance into a successful reality.

"I met a couple of really smart engineers who were toying with the idea of a cocktail maker for hotel rooms. And I thought, wait a second, this could be a game change for home use," Close told ABC7.

The on-demand machine has been featured in Oprah's Favorite Things Holiday Gift List, snagged a 2020 CES Innovation Award nomination, won this year's Good Housekeeping's 2020 Best Innovation Award and added "The Knot" 2020 Registry Award under its belt.

Expect to see more entrepreneurs "close out" COVID-19 as they evolve to help their businesses, employees - and for those who fancy a spirit or two?

Check out the Bartesian HERE.