BBB: How to avoid 'Expiring License' scam for Microsoft users

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Sunday, January 19, 2020
Better Business Bureau: Avoiding 'Expiring License' scam for Windows 7 users
The Better Business Bureau issued a consumer alert for Microsoft computer users still using Windows 7 operating system.

The Better Business Bureau issued a consumer alert for Microsoft computer users.

The scam comes after Microsoft announced it is no longer providing technical assistance, software updates, or bug fixes for Windows 7 operating system, according to BBB.

BBB warns scammers may try to trick people into paying for an "Expiring windows license" they don't need.

The typical scam involves a call from a person who says they are a Microsoft employee and recommends a system upgrade that requires a yearly fee, according to BBB.

Scammers may also request remote access to your computer - putting the user at risk for identity theft.

How to Protect Yourself from Tech Scams:

  • Don't trust unsolicited callers. Reputable companies don't call consumers without their permission.
  • Double check unusual claims. If someone calls you claiming you have a problem you had no idea existed, don't take their word for it. Hang up and do some research before you accept any help.
  • Never allow a stranger remote access to your computer. If you have a genuine tech problem, get help from a reputable company or individual.
  • Get tech information straight from the source. If your computer runs Windows, for example, find out about updates, new operating systems, and tech support directly from Microsoft.
  • Double check you are on the official website or calling the real support line before you share personal information or pay any money.

In the BBB Scam Tracker reports, victims report that they were already using Windows 10 when they got a call claiming they needed to upgrade.

For more information visit the BBB website.