WATCH: Bear takes morning dip in hot tub

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Thursday, March 25, 2021
Wild bear relaxes in jacuzzi
The bear necessities now includes taking a morning dip in a jacuzzi!Black bear relaxes in a hot tub in the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.

Tenn. -- This bear knows how to start its day off right!

A black bear was spotted taking a soak in a hot tub as the sun rose over the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.

Mason Trebony was on vacation with his wife when he saw the bear moving along the deck before taking a dip in the jacuzzi filled with warm water.

"There's a wild black bear in the jacuzzi getting warm, unbelievable," Trebony says in the video. "(It's) just having a blast," he continues.

According to the National Parks Service, the Great Smokey Mountains are home to 1,500 black bears.