Black water coming out of faucets in Gardena neighborhood

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Black water coming out of faucets in Gardena neighborhood
It's a sight no one wants to see - black sludge coming out of your faucet. But residents in one Gardena neighborhood say it's becoming a regular occurrence.

GARDENA, Calif. (KABC) -- Very rarely are faucets worth videotaping, but the ones in Diane Morita's Gardena home are.

Morita says her tap water has turned black all throughout her house, toilets and all, several times this month.

The water, she says, also smells.

"My biggest concern now is the safety of my family, you know. Is this toxic? Is this creating problems with us?" Morita said.

Emy Sebastian lives across the street and has been dealing with the same water issues for quite some time.

"Years already we notice that our water smells and there's small tiny stones, but lately this is black," Sebastian said.

Sebastian and Morita say several other neighbors have complained as well, especially when the water company flushes the lines.

A Golden State Water Company representative told Eyewitness News through a phone interview that the company was notified of one problem in the neighborhood so they flushed the line. They now say the water is safe.

"We have had some discolored water and some odor complaints in the surrounding area over the past few months, but we don't know what the cause is at this time," said Kate Nutting, the general manager of Golden State Water Company.

Morita showed Eyewitness News photos of her home's water filter -- one pure white, the other pitch black. The pitch black water filter was removed after the latest incident.

She says her family is no longer drinking Golden State Water Company's water anymore. They've turned to the bottled stuff.