Proud mom goes above and beyond to share her son's DC Comics movie 'Blue Beetle' with others

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Saturday, August 26, 2023
Mom of 'Blue Beetle' star goes above and beyond to share son's movie
Xolo Maridueña stars as the first Latino superhero in the DC Comics world. His mom is organizing screenings for union workers' families to make sure it can be seen during this time of dual Hollywood strikes.

BOYLE HEGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- "Blue Beetle" stars DC's first Latino superhero and is in theaters now. The film's star - Los Angeles native Xolo Maridueña - is not promoting the film due to ongoing labor strikes.

However, his mother is helping raise awareness about the film and about the many behind-the-scenes superheroes.

Carmelita Ramírez-Sánchez is celebrating a big moment for her family and community. She is executive director of the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory, which offers career development to increase equity in the entertainment industry.

She's also the mother of Maridueña, who stars as Jaime Reyes, the first Latino superhero in the DC Comics world.

The film is in theaters now - as both actors and writers are on strike. Maridueña posted his feelings on social media.

"People who are asking for a right to live and work and thrive in the business should be allowed to and should be able to, and because of that reason I won't be able to promote the movie," Maridueña said on his Instagram account July 13.

"The mom part of me, it's been heartbreaking not to see them be able to really enjoy and be part of this situation," Ramírez-Sánchez said.

Ramírez-Sánchez explains the fight for worker's rights is personal. Her grandfather was part of the railroad union.

"My mom was a culinary worker in Las Vegas that's part of SEIU, and she was also a member of the grocery union," she said. "So we have deep union roots."

She's partnered with other organizations to increase access through free screenings for hundreds of community members.

"The reactions, honestly, have been overwhelming at times," she said.

The family is drawing people's attention to workers behind the scenes.

Their next screening is for labor union families with SEIU Local 721, which represents thousands of public service workers. Many of its members were recently on strike in Los Angeles.

SEIU Local 721 president and executive director David Green said this is part of a solidarity summer as labor unions across sectors have supported one another.

"It's exciting that it's the first Latino superhero. But you know, this is a movie about much more than that," Green said. "This is a movie about social justice and race and class, incredibly entertaining, that really resonates with our folks who are working people, frontline workers."