Twins, including Pepperdine University graduate, charged with bombing small buildings

COCHRANVILLE, Pa. -- Twin brothers, including one who just graduated from Pepperdine University, have been charged in Chester County, Pennsylvania, after investigators said they blew up several small buildings with improvised explosive devices while they were home from college.

On Tuesday, the district attorney's office announced the arrests of Daniel and Caleb Tate, both 22 years old, of Cochranville, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Tate, who graduated from Pepperdine University earlier this year, and Caleb Tate, who is a student at Belmont University in Tennessee, were home for winter break when the bombings occurred, the district attorney said.

Officials said the two set off bombs at five different locations in Chester and Lancaster counties in December.

According to the authorities, the blasts damaged an Amish phone shed, a well pump, and a produce shed.

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Another explosive damaged a mailbox, while yet another was detonated in a wooded area, officials said.

No one was hurt in any of the incidents.

The bombs were made out of various materials, including metal pipes, fuel containers, propane canisters, propane torch tips, and other items, according to the district attorney.

"We live in a world where the thought of bombs exploding around us is a very real fear. These defendants brought that fear to our region during a two-week crime spree where they detonated multiple IEDs," District Attorney Tom Hogan said in a statement.

Investigators said the brothers also stole the items they used to make the explosive devices. The brothers have been charged with arson, conspiracy and theft.
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