Actors help bring book 'Four Bears in a Box' to life for families to enjoy during COVID-19 pandemic

Artists bring children's book 'Four Bears in a Box' to life to encourage reading, spark imagination while staying safe at home.
GLENDALE (KABC) -- If you're a parent trying to entertain your young kids during this might like this. The late Bob Denver, TV's "Gilligan," once gave his wife the title for a children's book..."Four Bears in a Box." She wrote the box; and then put it in a box for about 20 years. She discovered it last year, and it was published. Thanks to friends, storytelling time with the bears is now on-line.

"Four Bears in a Box" tells the story of some bored bears in search of adventure. Mama Bear gives them something to play with: a cardboard box.

"I wanted it to be something magical. I wanted it to be about creative play and imagination," said author Dreama Denver. "Anybody who's had a kid knows that kids love to play in boxes!"

Actor Kevin Sizemore wanted to bring the book to life for families to enjoy during this COVID-19 pandemic. He enlisted the help of voice actor Charlie Adler.

"I told them kind of what I was envisioning when I wanted to produce this. They went on their merry way, sent it back and I just cut it all together and surprised Dreama with something," said Sizemore. "Thank goodness she liked it!"

"If you're doing a show or you're doing a play or you're doing whatever, there's a director, there's a collective," said Adler. "This was, 'Just go, you old fool!' And I did."

Sizemore hopes families will engage with this project using their own creativity.

'Take a photograph with the book or create a page or two of the book itself and post it on social media so we can, you know, forward it to everyone else so everyone can see it," said Sizemore.

"It spans generations because of the 'Gilligan' connection," said Denver. "There are Gilligan surprises inside the book!"
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