Boy, 14, born with no arms lands 20-inch box jump

ByBlanca Rios via KABC logo
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

DUQUOINE, Ill. -- Imagine having no arms, lifting yourself up and landing a 20-inch box jump.

That's what 14-year-old Tim of the Chicago area did at NubAbility Camp Saturday in Duquoine, Illinois.

The camp brings together over 185 "limb-different" kids to play able-bodied sports.

The camp prefers to use the term "limb different" over disabled and handicapped.

"Those terms can be viewed as derogatory to those who have something wrong with them," said NubAbility coach Dave Stevens. "You can't label people one thing if they don't fit the bill."

WATCH: Young boy with one arm plays catch with Coach Dave Stevens

Sam Kuhnert, who was born without left hand, founded the NubAbility Camp in 2010.

"This is a vision that God placed on my heart" said Kuhnert who played college baseball.

With the help of his mother, Kuhnert says they started the camp as a social media platform to inspire limb different youth.

Tim was participating in the weight lifting and weight training program when he landed the jump.

"People get wrecked up on box jumps all the time," said Kuhnert. "You see him (Tim) take one last deep breath, and he goes for it, and he doesn't give up."

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