Artist Brittney S. Price designs "Choose Joy" t-shirt to support Feed SoCal food drive

The local muralist hopes to use her art to give back and help the community.

BySir Lex Kennedy and CharNae N. Brown KABC logo
Friday, June 16, 2023
Artist designs "Choose Joy" t-shirt to support Feed SoCal food drive
Brittney S. Price is a Los Angeles based fine artist and muralist specializing in impactful visual commentary on current events.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- "All of my pieces are essentially a journal of discovery - of who I am as a black woman," stated local artist Brittney S. Price.

Price donated her time and talent to design a t-shirt to help support ABC7's Feed SoCal campaign.

"I'm finding my personal truths and putting them on my canvas, which is essentially my journal."

"It's like a reminder that this is a nugget of information - part of your puzzle - to help guide you into your future."

ABC7 partnered with Smile South Central to identify Price to design the shirt.

"This artwork is part of a piece that I did for the Palm Springs Art Museum. It's called "Choose Joy," and their prompt was actually resistance."

"I thought about the secret sauce that has gotten black people through it. I really feel it's the ability to choose joy. To choose to make your own reality. To choose to rise above your circumstance and make lemonade out of lemons."

ABC7 will donate its proceeds from the sale of our Feed SoCal merchandise at to support SoCal food banks.

"Life is so much more than just you. It's important to take care of your vessel. It's important to nurture yourself so that you can be there for the next."

"Any way that I can use my art in order to help the community then why not? If my visuals can help bring awareness to food deserts and to people getting the proper nutrition that they need. I'm here for it."

You can check out Price's t-shirt here.