Young Pasadena business owner forced to close and move out of LA amid COVID-19 outbreak

ECHO PARK, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For some people, the coronavirus emergency caught them in the middle of a vulnerable economic situation.

Such is the case for one small business owner, whose life and potentially her career have been uprooted.

Brynnen Beierle is in a position she never imagined she'd be in. The Seattle transplant moved to Los Angeles about a year ago. Just a few months ago she co-founded Space Bar Wellness in Pasadena - which, like many businesses, has now closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"At this point, it's kind of up in the air if we can reopen when this is all done or not," Beierle said.

And so, she's packed up - moving out of her Echo Park apartment where she was paying just under $1,500 in rent.

For now, she's relocated to Palm Desert to stay temporarily in a friend's empty Airbnb.

"And, I'm so grateful that something like this even worked out and that I had this connection and somehow magically is OK and worked out," Beierle said.

Like so many people Beierle doesn't know what the future holds.

But given what she's facing financially, she's planning to live in a van.

She says her options are limited and she knows she's not alone in the struggle.

"I can't even express what I feel for people that are in so much worse of a situation than mine and I just hope, you know, we can all encourage each other and ourselves to just try our best to adapt to what's going on right now, knowing and believing that it's temporary," Beierle said.

Certainly, a message that we're all in this together.
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