Luxury doomsday bunker built to withstand nuclear blast listed at $17.5 million

Want to live in a home that could withstand an apocalypse? An underground bunker built to outlast the end of times is on the market. But hurry before it's gone: It's only $17.5 million.

This is far from the only underground doomsday bunker. Previous spots have been available for purchase in bunkers in Arizona, Texas and elsewhere, but this one is the only privately-owned bunker of its kind on the East Coast, according to the realtor.

The 4-apartment property is built to withstand a 20-ton nuclear blast, according to Harry Norman Realtors. The complex is located near Tifton, Ga., -- 45 feet below the ground.

The doomsday bunker is located 45 feet underground and has two levels, as illustrated here.

Sister Hood, Harry Norman Realtors

From the outside, you wouldn't know that the bunker contained luxury apartments.

Sister Hood, Harry Norman Realtors

The upper level features the executive apartments, while the lower level is equipped with everything you could need to maintain a post-apocalyptic society: from a classroom to a weapons room, and even a guest bathroom (you never know what kind of alien visitors Planet Earth might get after the rest of the human race is wiped out.)

The lower level of the home features several types of common rooms, including a home theater that seats 15 people.

Sister Hood, Harry Norman Realtors

This commercial grade kitchen demonstrates the luxurious interior of the bunker's common rooms.

Sister Hood, Harry Norman Realtors

Each of the luxury apartments includes two bedrooms, a bathroom, a dining area and a living room. The listing says each apartment has TV, Internet with security, a modern HVAC system and environmental monitoring sensors.

The living room and kitchen is shown inside one of the luxury doomsday apartments in the upper level of the bunker.

Sister Hood, Harry Norman Realtors

The property was built in 1969 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and renovated in 2012. It's being sold by Bastion Holdings, which uses its facilities to provide training for government and military personnel. Co-owner Chris Salamone said that this bunker sets the standard for security and comfort.

"Renovations include amenities that rival any 5-star hotel," he said, "except located 45 feet underground, impenetrable and undetectable."
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