"We might have to break your leg": Video shows rescue from burning car

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Friday, December 20, 2019
Deputies save man trapped in burning car
"We might have to break your leg, I'm sorry." Watch as deputies raced to pull a man from his burning car and how they were finally able to free him.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Deputies were quick to rescue a man trapped in his vehicle during a fire, and it was all caught on camera.

Jonathan Morales-Fuentes, 20, fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into a tree at 6 a.m. Dec. 8 in Houston, Texas.

"I rolled down the window, but I was sleepy," he said. The next thing he remembers is slamming his car into a tree.

A sergeant was on his way home when he found the vehicle on fire and saw a tow truck driver was attempting to get in the car.

"I never took that road to go home before. I was going back to leave a report at the office," said Sgt. Lance Anderson, who drove up on the burning car. "There were so many coincidences that morning."

Anderson said he believes he was meant to be there and meant to save a life.

Anderson called other deputies to the scene and used multiple fire extinguishers to temporarily slow down the flames.

"We went through seven fire extinguishers trying to control it. That's all we had," he said.

Bodycam footage shows the deputies trying to free the driver, whose leg was trapped underneath the damaged dashboard.

"We might have to break your leg, bro, I'm sorry," a deputy told the driver.

After the struggle, the deputy said that the man's pants had been stuck, so he cut his pants and that's what freed him.

"You are serving a purpose on this land, dude. God was with you tonight. You understand that?" a deputy told the man.

According to authorities, Morales-Fuentes' eye sockets were shattered, his nose broken, and his shoulder torn. After being hospitalized and having multiple surgeries, Morales-Fuentes was home recovering.