Uber makes big changes after new CA law requires drivers be classified as full-time employees

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Uber is making big changes after California passed a law that would require it to reclassify its drivers as full-time employees. Current drivers are listed as independent contractors.

The new state law, Assembly Bill 5, went into effect last week. The ride-hailing company is fighting the law in court.

Uber has made some changes hoping to keep the status quo.

The company has given drivers the option to opt out of picking up certain rides without being penalized. This may increase wait times for those looking to get rides.

Another change is in their pricing. Riders will now be given an estimated versus set price. It is unknown if prices will increase while sitting in traffic.

Some drivers prefer remaining independent contractors.

"I like what we have currently. I like making my own hours. I like choosing when and where I'm going to ride. I'm hearing we may have to follow a set schedule. That's the purpose of doing Uber. I can choose my own hours," said Gonzalo, Uber driver.

It was unknown if Lyft would be making similar changes.
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