California Dreaming: Hollywood is more than a dream factory, it's part of the fabric of California

The Golden State's robust film and television industry generates hundreds of thousands of jobs.

ByJose Mayorquin KABC logo
Thursday, April 22, 2021
Film and TV business is part of California's fabric
The Golden State's robust film and television industry generates hundreds of thousands of jobs.

LOS ANGELES -- On Oscar Sunday, the eyes of the world will turn to Hollywood. But the Golden State's film and television industry is more than just glitz and glamour, it's a vital part of the California economy.

"Hollywood and the entertainment industry is such a big part of the California dream. The entertainment content that is made here in the state of California is beamed all over the world," said Colleen Bell, executive director of the California Film Commission.

"It doesn't just entertain people all over the world. It educates them. It inspires them. It's such an important part of our legacy and our state."

The entertainment industry also employs hundreds of thousands of Californians up and down the state and impacts many other sectors.

"It also impacts tourism," added Bell. "Film tourism is big here in California. People want to travel to California so they can see where their favorite movies were shot. That has a positive impact on our economy."

"Hollywood is a major employer in the LA region and across the state of California," said Darnell Hunt, dean of social sciences at UCLA. "That's one of the reasons why there have been concerns in recent years about runaway production to places like Atlanta, Toronto, New York and other places across the country."

"I think it's really important for us to reclaim and to double down on the rootedness of Hollywood and really capitalize on some of our diversity," added Hunt. "Because as California goes, increasingly that's where the rest of the country is headed."

"Everybody wants a part of entertainment production, jurisdictions here in the United States and also internationally," said Bell. "But California continues to improve our competitiveness. We've got the most diverse landscapes and topography, locations, experienced crews, and our tax credit program is really working as intended to deliver value for business and taxpayers."

"We are the entertainment capital of the world," added Bell. "We still hold that title, and this is going to continue to be our legacy here in the Golden State."

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