From the 2003 recall to today: How California's voters have changed

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021
How California's voters have changed since the 2003 recall
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Since California's last governor recall election in 2003, the state has added Democratic voters and an increased proportion of Latinos and Asians, experts say.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- California's voting population has changed significantly since the last time the state held an election to recall the governor.

In 2003, voters decided to remove Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat, from office and replace him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Back then the state was more of a "purple" mix of voters - favoring Democrats but still with a substantial Republican population, experts say. Today it's much more solidly in the Democrat corner.

Additionally, the state has added more Latino and Asian-American voters, and they tend to vote Democrat more often, although their turnout figures lag other groups, experts say.

For a deeper look at how California's demographic mix is likely to impact Tuesday's recall, please watch the video above.