Parade honors California School for the Deaf in Riverside for 2nd straight football title

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Riverside school for deaf honored for 2nd state football title
The California School for the Deaf, Riverside, won their 2nd straight division football championship this weekend.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- A parade was held Monday to honor the football team from Riverside's California School for the Deaf, who won the state championship for their division over the weekend.

While it was their second straight CIF championship, Saturday's matchup was far from easy. The Cubs fell to a 14-point deficit to start the game, before switching to a ground attack and rattling off 32 straight points. They beat Faith Baptist of Canoga Park by 54-42.

The Cubs first started national attention two years ago when they won 11 straight games to start the season undefeated. They lost in the title game but then won the championship the following year, and now again this season.

Their coach says the initial, novel interest in a school for the deaf excelling in football has now almost become a routine expectation.

"Two years ago it was a media frenzy," coach Keith Adams said through an ASL translator. "At some point it was a bit too much. It's definitely less. This year was quiet."

Adams says he motivates his players with a simple message:

"I tell the players to believe in yourself. Regardless of whether you're deaf or hearing. We're all players on the field. We use our eyes to play the game. I really instill that mindset."

"As opposed to, 'Oh I'm disabled, I'm deaf, I can't play.' No you can play just as a good as a hearing player."

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