Want to enjoy your swimming pool while still conserving water? Expert shares tips

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Thursday, September 8, 2022
Want to enjoy your pool while conserving water? Expert shares tips
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Jumping into your pool is a great way to beat the heat. But with California's water crisis, is there a way to conserve water while still enjoying the pool? Here are a few tips from an expert.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- This summer, going into a pool to cool off from the heat seems like a good idea, but with California's water crisis, is there a way to conserve water while still being able to enjoy the pool?

Here are a few ways to conserve water when it comes to pool care, according to Tim Summerfield, the general manager at Pool Guard of LA.

Summerfield said a pool cover could save pool owners a lot of money.

"That's the biggest cost of owning a pool, actually paying for the water, because 70% of water just gets evaporated," Summerfield said.

He says there are different types of covers, like liquid and bubble wrap covers, but safety covers are definitely an investment for pools. It prevents debris from getting inside the pools, could protect people and not to mention, it could save pool owners a lot of money by preventing evaporation.

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Looking for ways to save water? You might want to dig up your lawn and put in a pond! Some experts say adding a pond to your landscape is not just beautiful but can also be a huge water saver.

Homeowners also have noticed the importance of the longevity and durability of pool covers.

Aimee Galicia Torres had a professional come install her pool cover instead of buying a cheap one online, because it wouldn't have been as durable or lasted as long.

"I was noticing we were spending more money because we were constantly having to fill the pool, and my husband is all about saving money and water conservation, and I was looking at some options and I was debating between this and the net," Torres said.

Another tip from Summerfield is - if you're planning to have a pool party, avoid over-filling the pool.

Instead, he says to install a barrier around the pool and to turn off any water features, including waterfalls. Doing so will help reduce the water temperature and help avoid water evaporation.

In terms of when to fill your pool with water, Summerfield says to do it at night instead of during the day.

"Probably water towards the end of the day, late at night, because if you fill up water in the morning, when the heat comes, all that water that you just put in there is for nothing," Summerfield said.

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