Cannabis company prepares to transform CA town

NIPTON, Calif. (KABC) -- For most Southern Californians, Nipton is just another exit on the way to Las Vegas.

But about 20 people live in the tiny town. And it's about to get a whole lot of attention.

An Arizona-based cannabis company has bought the whole town - trading post, hotel, everything - and plans to make it a haven for pot aficionados, now that marijuana is becoming legal for recreational use in California.

American Green, one of the nation's largest cannabis companies, said the town will not suddenly become like the Old West for marijuana users.

"Hopefully it won't be a lawless town," said Stephen Shearin with Pan Pacific, the company contracted to manage the town for American Green.

"We aren't going to make Pot Town USA, to have a cannabis free for all."

"Cannabis can be embraced by a community and still have a functioning set of businesses, but with people having a good time."

Most residents of the town and people passing through seemed OK with the idea.

James Kelly of Las Vegas has never smoked pot, but he owns American Green stock as an investment.

"If they can make a resort where everybody can come out here and get high and get naked, well this is gonna be huge," Kelly said.
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