Onward CA has 100,000 job listings, essential services to help Californians amid pandemic

In just a couple weeks, Onward CA has helped connect more than a quarter-million people in California with needed services.
Eyewitness News is dedicated to providing solutions and sharing resources to help people get back on their feet during the coronavirus pandemic. That includes telling you about a new website called Onward CA, a one-stop shop for people who have been impacted and are looking for work.

CEO of Bitwise, the company who helped launch the online resource, Jake Soberal joined ABC7 via Skype to tell us about the site.

How does your site, onwardca.org, work?
"OnwardCA.org is a web-based resource that connects workers who have lost their jobs to life essential services - so, grocery, money, shelter, child care to training opportunities, and then, of course to jobs. The idea is to see if we can shorten the period of unemployment," said Soberal.

Who is eligible to use it, and is there a way to get help if you don't have access to the internet?
"Anyone is eligible to use it," said Soberal. "We can get folks instant help there by going online. There is not yet, although there's contemplated, dial access to the resource. Instead, we can meet folks now on their desktop or any mobile device by going to the url: OnwardCA.org and they can use the full platform from either source."

Are employers able to post if they're looking for someone to hire, as well?
"We're working with some of the largest sources of jobs on the planet and certainly in California by working alongside LinkedIn and Indeed" said Soberal. "Today, over 100,000 jobs on platform, accompanied by more than 15,000 essential services. So, there's quite a lot of rich information on there."

Since its launch, Onward CA has helped more than 250,000 Californian workers.

Watch the fulll interview above, and for more information, visit: onwardca.org
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