CareRev app helps medical professionals find work, extra shifts in SoCal hospitals

As hospitals begin to resume elective surgeries, more jobs in health care will become available. An app created by a registered nurse is geared to help fulfill the staffing needs at various medical centers and hospitals.

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Thursday, May 21, 2020
Health care jobs: App helps medical professionals find work
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Jobs in health care: If you are a health care professional looking for work or in need of picking up extra shifts, there's an app to connect you with the right opportunities.

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Will Patterson, CEO and co-founder of CareRev, joined ABC7 to discuss jobs in health care.

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Tell us about CareRev and how your personal experience as a registered nurse gives you insight.

"CareRev was founded five years ago. I'm a nurse. I was working at hospitals having a hard time finding extra work, needed to pay off some student debt at the time. And I viewed a world where it was easy enough to just, you know, pick up shifts off an app off of my phone, just like I order a car or find a place to stay, order food - why isn't finding, you know, extra shifts as a health care professional that easy. And so that's where the idea of CareRev came from. We've been going five years strong," said Patterson.

We know that no industry is recession-proof and that even some hospitals are cutting back or furloughing staff. So who is hiring in L.A.?

"A lot of the hospitals are slow. Parts of them are slow because they've had to cancel elective procedures and some of their outpatient surgeries. And so we have hospitals that, you know, are busy right now and need help and there's health care professionals that need work. So we're working with Valley Presbyterian right now, Mission Community Hospital, College Hospital in Long Beach and then we have hundreds of different outpatient centers that are starting to get busy as everybody opens up and they schedule these elective surgeries again," Patterson said.

What are some of the types of positions available on CareRev, and how does somebody utilize that service?

"I can actually pull up my app right now," said Patterson. "If you're a registered nurse, if you're a critical care registered nurse, a medical surgical nurse - there's shifts right now for you. If you're a nursing assistant, respiratory therapist - there's also shifts."

Patterson says hospitals expect a surge of surgeries as they begin to reopen, and he encourages anyone used to working in outpatient surgery centers - to apply through the CareRev website or by downloading the CareRev app.

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