Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen mix comedy, romance, politics with new movie 'Long Shot'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The title of the new big screen comedy "Long Shot" is two-fold: it refers to a clearly qualified woman who has set her sights on the White House. It also refers to the possibility of a romance between an elegant, world class diplomat and an opinionated, sloppy, liberal journalist.

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen both produce and star in "Long Shot." She plays an ambitious secretary of state considering a run for the presidency. She crosses paths with a down-and-out writer who it turns out, she used to babysit. After reconnecting, she hires him as a speech writer; and while on the campaign trial, they "click."

Did Rogen and Theron know their real life friendship would translate to on screen chemistry?

"We hoped! It took years," laughed Rogen. "Just because you like someone in real life doesn't mean you'll have good chemistry with them on film, and just because you have it on film doesn't mean you like them in real life."

"But then we ended up having fun!" added Theron.

"Which is nice but you don't need it," admitted Rogen. "If we hated each other the movie would also be good."

"I will say it is a very nice plus," said Theron.

Both actors also have experience as producers. And they were conscious of the fact that movies like "Long Shot," R-rated comedies made to appeal to grown-ups, are few and far between.

"It's because they are hard to make!" said Rogen. "I think that people, the audience, want to see themselves, their problems, things they relate to, things they find intellectually stimulating. All that needs to be reflected. And at the same time it needs to be really funny!"

There's plenty of "funny" in "Long Shot," and Rogen and Theron have learned from experience to encourage on-set collaboration. From everyone.

"As we've gotten older we've gotten better at taking our time," said Rogen.

"We got really good notes from our sound department, and the guy who brought the 11 o'clock snacks," said Theron. "Everyone brought something to the table."

"Long Shot" is rated R and is in theaters May 3.
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