Chevrolet stops production of SS sedan

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Sunday, April 16, 2017
Chevy stops production of SS sedan

Drivers can say goodbye to the Chevrolet SS sedan, a unique car that has been referred to as sort of a four-door Corvette.

Its engine is related to the one under the Corvette's hood, and it's had just enough visual pizazz added to give it a nice run as a premium sports sedan. It never sold in big numbers, but that was OK with General Motors management.

The SS has been a flagship and the street version of the car they race in NASCAR. So why is GM getting rid of it? It's not the car's fault, but the place where it's made - Australia.

General Motors was able to build the SS alongside other sedans meant for the Australian market. But with GM getting out of the business of building cars in the country, the SS is going away.

"Supply is limited. We stop production of this car at the end of April, so get down to a Chevy dealer now. There is a good supply in Southern California so if you're here - it's your best bet to find one," Chevy spokesperson Shad Balch said.

While the car was never really advertised, word of mouth made it popular among car enthusiasts. That same word of mouth is spreading quickly about the car's demise.

Those wishing to get the SS may need to hurry as there still aren't many of them.

A similar thing happened to a car with a similar theme just over 20 years ago. In 1996, the Impala SS was discontinued. Chevrolet dealers had orders flying in for the car as it was to be the end of an era.

The current SS picked up where the Impala SS left off, and when the last one is gone - it's gone.

"I can't make any product announcements. But given the popularity of this car with the minimal marketing advertising that we had to put behind it, it's safe to say we were on to something with this," Balch said.

For now, the car called a four-door Corvette heads off into the sunset.